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willow street stories [Word doc]

Introduction: Every generation comes to the Bible with its own eyes. For many generations, the Bible has been the first book that children learned to read; the book that traveled with families across oceans and continents; the book that inspired artists to create paintings, poetry and music. In our generation, many people are taking a fresh look at the themes in the Bible. And so this is a book that introduces the Bible to children of a millennial generation.

Stories are set on Willow Street, a quiet city street like many others, with a small neighborhood church and a local corner store. A place that blends old-fashioned and modern life, it is a good setting for this book about Bible stories. It is a place where stories from the Bible are part of daily life. At church. In conversations with family. In music lessons. At an art gallery.

This is a book of stories within stories. The wonderful thing about the Bible is the way each story, poem and prayer can be the starting point for our own conversations, stories and work.

In the words of one of the characters in this story, Willow Street is a place where families have lived for generations. And it is a place where newcomers quickly feel welcome. The Bible can be the same way. You can soon feel at home exploring and asking questions of your own.