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Christmas Play: Script

Christmas Play

Song #1:

I wonder as I wander out under the sky
How Jesus my savior did come for to die
For poor or’ny people like you and like I
I wonder as I wander, out under the sky.

During the song, shepherds, animals walk into the meadow and garden. There is a star in the sky (battery/lights/sound) and the cardboard backdrop has stars. While the narrator talks, Mary and all the animals are attaching more stars to the backdrop.

Narrator #1:

The story of Christmas is the story of how God
The creator of the world
God who is invisible and all powerful
Sent his Son to live in the world
To be born as a baby
Born in a stable
And laid in a manger

Narrator #2: We imagine how amazed the people of the town of Bethlehem must have been. They must have wondered, “Who is this baby, with no place special to be born, who is greeted with such love by angels and wise men and shepherds and sheep and donkeys and cows. Even the stars seem to be singing songs of welcome.”

Narrator #1: Here is how the story started. A woman named Mary lived in the town of Nazareth. Mary was a young woman who was engaged to be married to a man named Joseph.

Narrator #2: An angel appeared to Mary

(Angel gives a bag of baby gifts to Mary)

Narrator #2: And then the angel appeared to Joseph while he was sleeping.

(Angel walks around in a circle around the sleeping Joseph.)

Joseph (waking up from a dream): This was an amazing dream. The whole world has waited for this.

Narrator #1: So Joseph and Mary waited for the baby to be born. Mary sewed clothes for the baby. Joseph made a cradle and toys for the baby.

Narrator #2: When the time came for the baby to be born, Mary and Joseph learned that they had to travel to Bethlehem.

Joseph: Come on everybody, let’s go to Bethlehem.

Sheep: Yes, let’s go to Bethlehem.

Angel: Poor Mary. It’s a long way to travel.

Wise man: We will walk with them.

Everyone walks around the church and then walks to the door of the inn.

Joseph: Hello. We have traveled a long way and our baby is going to be born soon. Do you have a room where we can stay the night?

Innkeeper: I’m sorry, we have no room.

Mary: Oh.

Innkeeper: But you can stay in the stable. Come on, I’ll show you.

They walk to the stable.

Innkeeper: There, that night, among the donkeys and the cows and the sheep, the baby Jesus was born. Angels told the world the good news. The baby was welcomed by shepherds and sheep and even wild animals from the meadow.

Shepherds and sheep and other animals walk to the stable.

Narrator #1: A bright star appeared in the sky. Wise men from far away saw the star and knew the meaning of the star. They came to Bethlehem to welcome the baby Jesus and give him gifts.

Wise men walk to the stable.

Wise man: Here is a gift for the baby Jesus.

Angel: Let’s sing a song for the baby.

Sheep: Yes, let’s sing for the baby.

Song #2:

Go tell it on the mountain
Over the hills and everywhere
Go tell it on the mountain
That Jesus Christ is born.