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At Sunset

Jesus Starts His Ministry

After Jesus invited Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John to work with him, they went to the synagogue on the Sabbath, which was Saturday, the day for worship. Jesus talked to everyone there, teaching lessons, and amazing everyone with his understanding.

Afterwards, they went to Simon Peter's house. Simon Peter's wife's mother was sick with a fever. Jesus went to her and touched her and said she was healed. She immediately got up and felt completely better and started making a meal for everyone.

All day, Jesus and the others talked and learned about God.

That evening, at sunset, people came from all around to hear Jesus teach and to be healed.

People were very excited when they heard about Jesus - here was a man who had started teaching and healing people and was absolutely amazing. It seemed like he was really connected to God!

Question: If you were an artist asked to draw an illustration for this story, what would you draw?

Craft: collage with torn paper

Illustration - At Sunset

January 2014