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The House With a Strong Foundation

Jesus had grown up as the son of a carpenter. One of the stories he told was about building houses.

"The important thing about a house is the foundation," Jesus said. "There was a man who was building a house. He started with a strong foundation, made of stone. The house was strong. When heavy rains poured down, the house was still strong. When wild winds blew, the house was still strong."

"Another man was building a house and he didn't bother with a foundation. He just built the house on sand. The house started out looking pretty nice. But when the heavy rains and wild winds came, the house couldn't stand. It was sad to see the house come crashing down."

"Your life can be like a house built on a strong foundation," Jesus said.

Discussion: Can you think of a day that was really rainy and windy? Can you think of a day that you felt strong and brave, even though there were wild winds and heavy rains?

Craft: Cardboard houses.

February 2014