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Creating and Naming the Animals

God commanded: "Let the water be filled with many kinds of living beings, and let the air be filled with birds."

So God created the great sea creatures, all kinds of creatures that live in the water, and all kinds of birds. And God was pleased with what he saw.

Then God commanded: "Let the earth produce all kinds of animal life: domestic and wild, large and small" - and it was done.

So God made them all, and he was pleased with what he saw.

Then God said, "And now we will make human beings; they will be like us and resemble us."

So God created human beings, making them to be like himself.

God placed the humans in a garden where they had plenty of plants that were good to eat. Then God brought all of the animals to the humans to see what they would name them; and that is how they all got their names. So the humans named all the birds and all the animals.


  • What do you like about this story?
  • What does it mean that God made humans to be like himself?
  • Why was it important that God asked the humans to name the animals?
  • For the next few weeks we'll read about animals in the Bible. Can you think of other stories or psalms in the Bible about animals?

Craft: Garden of Animals

Cut out the last sentence of the story and glue it on your paper. Cut out pictures of animals, birds and fish. Glue. Draw a background of a green, leafy garden. Give names to the animals.

"Naming the Animals" Game:
If you were going to make up a game about the first humans "naming the animals" how would the game be played?

J.M.L. January 2015