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Good News All Over the World

In the early days of the church, men and women went everywhere telling everyone about the good news that Jesus lives forever. The people who heard the good news and believed in Jesus were baptized. Jesus filled their hearts with love and joy.

Here is a story: One day a man named Philip was teaching about Jesus. He felt God calling him to go to the desert road from Jerusalem to Gaza. So he went along the road and met a man from Ethiopia, who was traveling in his chariot, reading the scriptures. The man was an important official in the palace of the queen of Ethiopia.

"Hello!" he greeted the man. "What are you reading?"

He was reading the Bible. "I'm reading the book of Isaiah," the man replied.

Philip offered to read with the man and discuss. He told the man about Jesus. The Ethiopian man was filled with joy, hearing stories about Jesus.

This is how the church grew. People told more people. And more people. And more people. And it continues, even today.

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